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Le Bateleur/Merci ! Concernant le fait de publier des éadjustments privés sans le consensus des intéressés, tu sais peut-être que c’est totalement unwellégal.

[two] A scientist, a mathematician, makes a function…it is mainly an act of resistance… towards the needs of relaxed feeling… versus The complete domain of Silly questioning…Development is resistance…it is actually production of exaggerations…and their existence will be the evidence in their resistance… against the stupidity and vulgarity… “Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze, R, Resistance.”

Une device constructive, une machine robotique est face à vous, elle est à la fois votre manual et votre indicateur émotionnel, votre portrait dynamique… ses mouvements sont directement affectés et influencés par les nanoparticules que vous allez inhaler et exhaler. Respirez profondément et lentement…

2) L’abus actuel du Label Friedman vient justement de ce method opératoire schizoïde, ou de l’ambivalence de ce duo Science + Fiction (qui ne peut s’assimiler à la Science-Fiction), comme la fabrique des savoirs antinomiques, autonomes. 

With this context of endless perplexities, It's not innocently that a bunch of philosophers requestions the inspiration of “our ideal insane asylum,” termed democracy, throughout the validity of its structure along with the procedures of delegation of power; questioning notions of government, of governance, of bio-democracy.

It is possible to visit hell … … I don’t care … I adopt overcome pose …… complete …… reconstituted … …. automobile-imago terminal … equivocal carnation …… fundamental schizoid … … hideous idol … I finish the strip … … and tomorrow … a monster might be out … … it is possible to visit hell …… in nonsense innocence … I belong to me … to me

Ce n’est pas une illusion de croire que l’espace peut vous y aider, non qu’il ait le pouvoir de résorber, d’absorber ces conflits….

of this consequence to an limitless process of construction involving undetermined and unpredictable device behaviour by building a secreting and weaving machine which will make a vertical construction by the use of extrusion and sintering (complete-size 3D printing) utilizing a hybrid raw product (a bio-plastic cement) that chemically agglomerates to physically embody the computational trajectories. This structural calligraphy functions like a stereotomy device with its successive geometrics based on a method with the lasting manufacture of anomalies…without any standardization and no repetition aside from the methods and protocols, making sure that, dependant on this, technoid slums emerge… and… final but not least, the latest experiment, “hypnosisroom” in 2006 (Paris) and 2012 (Japan)… working with hypnosis to generate a stargate effect in pursuit with the somnambulist/feminist political motion throughout initially 50 percent in the nineteenth century that utilised hypnosis (named magnetism through that interval) within an try to create Areas of freedom and an egalitarian, un-racist, un-sexist social agreement which could only be perceived and explored by travelling by means of this layer… from the deal with from the impossibility (or trouble) of modifying the mechanisms of the real, tangible, political condition of the entire world, this pre-feminist movement strove, on the contrary, to produce this suggestive, immersive and distanced layer of A different social deal… While diabolized and dealt with as charlatanism, Yet all of pre-fashionable reformist believed drew on this movement… and…

Mais qu’en est-il de cette dimension humaine, de cette component maudite[11]… si ardemment souhaitée par le Label, mais jamais réellement convoquée, tellement présente dans les prologues mais tellement absente des procédures, et des esthétiques génératives. Les éadjustments humains sont-ils si délicat à introduire qu’il faille les idéologiser, les idéaliser, en prenant garde d’évacuer, d’exclure leur natures excessives, combinaisons de malentendu, de conflit, de démission, qui produisent du sens et de la pensée, au prix d’une défection de celle-ci… comme Lacan nous le dit ‘là ou ca pense, je ne suis pas, là où je suis, je ne pense pas’.

…no … not yet … … in which you from … … … i’m not Prepared ………… porn-vulnerable premature … sexual immature … you see … can’t you see … i’m nonetheless in limbo …… … un-stripped of my molt … … Full Report lecherous voyeur … unveiled in my extimacy …….a larva ….. libidinal …. …. a primate fetus……….. hold out …. Return afterwards …

This Competitiveness calls for a radical reimagination of the present partnership amongst people and the crafted natural environment with the institution of new architectural protocols of coexistence while in the research of a new Partial-Total Ecology: “YUmen[eco]tec-pharming”.

what do you want you? … that i near my mouth After i eat similar to this … that i unfold my lips … like that … i tell you what … I have nothing to show you ……… Enable the devil do its dance … … the ecstasy of expulsion … I want extra … the soiled insularity of my flesh …

“But that’s not more than enough to totally fulfill you. There’s one thing lacking, some thing exceptional, you feel The dearth of the point with no being able to say precisely what it is.

“But initially we’re planning to do a little exercising. You’re as part of your habitat, your foreseeable future habitat, one which you drive devoid of still being aware of what it’s like nonetheless, however, you can really feel it and stroll by it. You breathe from the ambiance of the dwelling; you Allow it infuse you.

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